Quantum-resilient security

Turbulence, Jupiter and poetry

In the news

Microsoft’s hiring spree: Qualcomm’s former engineering leadership team developing a chip to act as a controller in its quantum computing system.


A stunning profile of Dr. Margaret Kivelson and “one of the most fundamental discoveries ever in planetary science”.

Beautiful long piece on turbulence, and all the puzzles it has inspired:“physicists still don’t agree on how to define it. It’s not quite as bad as “I know it when I see it,” but it’s not the best defined idea in physics, either.”

Paul Romer, Nobel Laureate in Economics, wrote this essay three years ago: beautiful meditation on why economists should think like physicists. “Abstraction means that you strip away inessential detail. Specificity means that you take very seriously the things that remain.

Quantum computing

Urmila Mahadev’s interactive protocol answers: how do you know whether a quantum computer has done anything quantum at all?

Planning for a quantum-resilient cybersecurity infrastructure needs to start now. Quantum Key Distribution primer.

One final thought

Explaining quantum physics in one poem. I challenge you to write a short poem about quantum computing or physics by Friday. Please send it over. We’ll exchange notes.

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